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Praise for Tales of the Seven Seas

"Tales of the Seven Seas is a fascinating read about an incredibly colorful Captain, Johnny O’Brien, who seemed to have nine lives, each filled with fun, danger, excitement. Author Dennis M. Power’s meticulous research and fine writing brings to life a seafaring era from clipper ships to ocean liners, with Captain O’Brien at the helm guiding us on a voyage of adventure."    

          - Michael J. Tougias, author of Overboard!, Fatal Forecast, and Ten Hours Until Dawn.

"This is a rare treasure indeed from Davy's Jones' mythical locker: An authentic maritime narrative that reads like fiction but is fact. With clear, strong and highly descriptive writing, Powers has painstakingly recreated the exciting life and adventures of a great mariner and master, and the gritty, dangerous, and exciting times he lived in. Old salts and lubbers alike can take pleasure in the vivid descriptions, crisp dialogue, and frightening--and sometimes comical--adventures of his hero, O'Brien. Here is a portrait of a man and his age, for all their flaws and shortcomings. If modern communications, transportation, and maritime technology mean we can no longer recreate in life such iron men in their wooden ships, at least we can enjoy their brief literary resurrection in the pages of books by authors such as Powers."

          - Marc Songini, journalist and author of the Lost Fleet

"In Tales of the Seven Seas, Dennis Powers adds to his reputation as a raconteur of high-seas stories with this portrait of “Dynamite Johnny” O’Brien, a five-foot, five-inch seadog who was larger than life despite his diminutive size. Powers chronicles O’Brien’s adventures from the tropics to the rowdy gold fields of Alaska and California, with a brief side trip to the Wild West saloons of Fort Laramie. Along the way, O’Brien dispenses two-fisted justice to surly seamen, pilots his ships through deadly perils, and crosses paths with the likes of Jack London and Buster Keaton. Powers’s latest is a welcome find for anyone seeking a rollicking tale of maritime adventure."

          - Willie Drye, contributing editor for National Geographic News and
             author of Storm of the Century: The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935.

"Dennis Powers has reinvigorated the fascinating journey of Dynamite Johnny O'Brien as he progressed from lowly seaman to one of the most colorful captains of his era."

          - Jim Kennard,, shipwreck explorer,
             and discoverer of the British warship HMS Ontario.


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Tales of the Seven Seas: The Escapades of
Captain Dynamite Johnny O’Brien